3 Tips for Making Garages a Better Place

Garages are usually looked as a place to stack on all our unnecessary items we don’t want laying around the house and it is rarely used for more than just parking your car and dumping stuff. However, your garage can be much more than that if you just give it a little bit of attention and you’ll get a new space in your home you’ll enjoy and love. You’ll want to do this especially if you are a DIY enthusiast or you have a hobby you’re passionate about since your garage can provide you with a perfect place to enjoy your hobby and relax from everyday stress.

Here are our 3 tips for making garages a better place:

1. Organize the stuff you have in your garage: You’ll get a much better feeling when you walk into a neatly organized garage, than if your items are laid all over the garage floor or in an unorganized boxes. Metal racks are cheap and can be installed easily so you can sort all your not-so-much needed items on them. If you’re a DIY person, you can easily make some rack yourself, whether they’ll be metal or wooden. If you don’t want to deal with racks, then even getting a plastic boxes and organizing your items might help. You can stack them on top of each other and create more space in your garage that way. No matter which option you chose it will only take you a little amount of work and the results you’ll get will enable you to turn your garage into much more than just a closed parking lot.

2. Make your garage more comfortable: Like we said earlier, your garage space doesn’t need to be only a depot for your rarely used items. If you add a bit of decorations to the walls – and you can use simple things as colored styrofoam, floor tiling or even repainting – you’ll get much more comfort when you walk in your garage. If you have enough space aside car parking lot, you can even make yourself a little corner for resting or reading a book, that is if you have some old sofa or comfortable chair that you no longer have use for. More comfortable garage will make a much more welcoming space for you to do your hobbies in, whether you are a man or a woman.

3. Turn your garage into a workshop: No matter how big DIY enthusiast you are, or if you just have a hobby that needs space to be done in, your garage is the perfect place for you to organize all the equipment and stuff you need. There are numerous ways you can either buy or make easy assembling workbenches which will alongside your neatly organized tool racks provide a perfect place for you to rest from your everyday worries and relax by doing your favorite hobby activity. If you followed our previous tips and turned your garage into more welcoming place by painting the walls in some bright colors, or adding family photos and memorabilia, you’ll have a perfect relaxing spot just near your house.

It is also important to make sure that all your garage door parts are functioning properly and are being provided the right maintenance whenever required.

How to repair your bathrooms

The first and may be the most important step is finding of suitable technician. The most successful variant is to work with one technician. Usually these are companies that have technicians ready to do the repair

And now, in essence.

It starts of course with the inspection and planning the actions that have to be done.

In the most cases your bathroom has faience tiles that you want to change. Then comes the most unpleasant part for you and your neighbours: the tearing off. Usually the whole tearing off and cleaning takes about 4-5 hrs. It is obligatory when tearing off to remove the old water pipes if they should be changed and that is almost always necessary if the pipes are of iron. It is desirable to change the drain.

After cleaning of the bathroom and removing the old water-supply and drainage installation comes installing the new one. Usually this can be made with polypropylene pipes that are sufficiently solid and reliable to not change them in the next 50-60 years.

When we are ready with the water drainage , we go on to preparation of the walls and pasting the tiles. Of course after tearing off they are in bad condition. To correct them and make them even there are two variants: whitewash-cement plaster or plaster pasteboard. Each of the variants has its own advantages so the customer has the last word.

Ending with the walls it is desirable to be made a hydro isolation just in the lower corners of the bathroom.

So we are ready to start with the main purpose of the repair – pasting the tiles. Now there is no what to explain, the important thing is to choose the suitable jointing mixture and to joint well: the joint is this that protects to not flow down to the neighbours.

The last thing is the ceiling: it could be of plaster cardboard and to incorporate moon lights or to cover it with a coat. We at Viva clean

Everyone owner of house or apartment has faced the necessity of fully or partly change of the cables in the electrical installation. The reasons for that can be different – repair or reconstruction of the house, failure of the old cables etc.

The failures of the old cables arise more often because now the growth in consumption of electricity becomes more noticeable. In each house there are many electrical appliances that haven’t existed in the past – washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners and many more.

In some cases the householders of the homes try to put off the change of the cables using connection-block and prolongation electrical devices as well different types of cables nailed to the socket. That, however, makes using of electrical appliances very uncomfortable, so sooner or later it should take all necessary works for the repair of the electrical installation.

The change of the cables could be done independently or with the help of the hired specialists. In both cases there are pros and cons.

Hiring of a professional may be is the easiest way, but, it’s not always the right decision. The reason for that is the fact that the quality of the job done by the handyman, will become clear after some time later during the electrical installation exploitation. That’s why is very possible to find out that it has to do a repair again, when is paid to the hired specialist.

To avoid that kind of situation you have to call to a serious company that has offered such services for years and it holds on its reputation.

How to Fix Water Leakage Problems

Once in a while the weather can make damage our homes. With the adjustment in the climatic conditions, the house’s outside may require some consideration. An in number storm may make damage the rooftop, decks, drains, and so forth and trees in your yard. Correspondingly, hot weather brings all the glow inside your home and you will require an air cooling framework. What’s more compelling chilly weather or a snow tempest or snowstorms can damage your home as well. If you have below zero temperatures the channels get to be solidified and can blast which could bring about some extreme water damage in the home. For that occurrence, you can call a business plumbing contractual worker or business handyman to retouch all the pipeline damages in your home, in a building or in a stockroom.

Why do you frequently find out about spillages in winters? Really the water breaks were at that point there bramble we didn’t have room schedule-wise to settle it, that is the reason the damage turned out to be more serious and it at long last got to be uncovered. Pipeline damages require early consideration with the goal that they can be repaired before any significant damage happens. If we abandon them in the same condition, they begin deteriorating and in the end you will see a noteworthy spillage. It is better if you do the early maintenance work, when the damage is found. This will spare your pipelines, as though the flaws are evacuated the fatigue is gone and the pipeline recovers back its unique structure. It likewise quits deteriorating and keeps the funnel to get rusted. Rust and erosion are two incomplete components of harming. When the channel gets rust, there is a possibility of quick falling and when the funnel begins showing up, you can’t prevent it from flooding the primary line.Many times you would see that, homeowners regularly have the propensity of disregarding any plumbing issues at their homes. In spite of the fact that amid the starting stages, such issues may appear to be common, over the long haul, these may get intense.

The vast majority of the specialists have said that managing plumbing issues, when they are not very grave, would help you a great deal in the long run.If you need to dispose of the water spillage issues, then simply take after two fundamental procedures

-Routine Inspection

-Routine Maintenance

General Inspection:

Changing of weather can be one reason of your pipeline damages however the primary driver is something else. If you set an arrangement to bring a normal inspection for every month or at regular intervals, you will never confront these issues again. How to assess your place? It is extremely basic. Head towards the fundamental sewerage line and water line of the spot and see what you can discover over yonder.

If the line is clear, you can head towards within area. Assess the toilets’ lines and examine every one of the showers and valves. If everything is clear, check achieve the top and see what you assess in the pipelines secured on the rooftop. If you discover every one of the things with a reasonable status, the last segment to check is the principle tank connection of the spot. Here is the inspection’s end process. If you have suspected any damage or spillage in any segment simply do the moment maintenance to restore the damage.

Normal maintenance:

If you discover spillage in any segment, you can call a handyman to restore the pipeline. The issue attacks when numerous individuals don’t address the issue in the opportune time. It is better if you call a handyman more than once in a year, it will spare your home from perpetual spillage issues.

How to build a home office

You’ve started to work from home, but you need your privacy and peace to get the job done. No matter how big your family is, or if you’re living alone, for the best work results you need a dedicated work space. That way you will concentrate on your work much more easily and get into the work atmosphere. But the question most of you have is where do I fit my home office? The answer might be simpler than you think and here are our tips on how to build a home office:

1. All you need is a dedicated space: this space can be anywhere, from your bedroom, special corner in the living room, spare bedroom to your basement. What is important that you dedicate this part of space specifically to your work and make the rest of your household know that this is your home office. You don’t need any special furniture, a simple desk, with or without a few shelves, can do you just fine. You just need a place for your personal computer or laptop, presuming it’s the online job that you do, but even if it isn’t, you won’t need much more space than a middle-sized desk has to offer. You also, of course, need a comfortable chair, possibly ergonomically adjusted just for work purposes.

2. Your home office can be in your basement or garage: In fact, basement or a garage might be the perfect solutions for your home office since you’ll have a physical barrier from the rest of the household giving you the peace you need to work. Just make sure you have enough lighting which you can achieve by adding special desk lamps or even by painting the walls of your basement or the garage in bright, vibrant colors. And one more benefit you get when your home office is in the basement or the garage is that you clearly have a dedicated room for your home office in which you won’t be disturbed. Everybody who wants to come in will at least have to knock, if nothing else. Besides, distractions like living room or kitchen will be out of your sight.

3. You can build yourself an home office shed: If you have a moderately sized backyard and are willing to put some work into building your home office, you can build a shed-like structure in your backyard and use it as a home office. The word shed doesn’t sound attractive, but with the use of modern materials it won’t look like old rickety shed at all. Besides, all the home office requirements we discussed before like having a dedicated space to work and being isolated from everyday household hassle will be completely solved if you’re not in the house at all but have your own dedicated place. You can decorate your home office shed any way you want, making it bright and appealing to work in and you’ll have a lot more room to put all the shelves, desk or cabinets you might need for your daily work.

5 tips to choose the best property in your neighborhood


You’ve decided that it’s the right time to become a real-estate owner and you’ve already chosen the neighborhood you like and which best suits your lifestyle. What’s left for you to decide is which is the best home or property to buy in your neighborhood of choice. There are are some handy tips that can help you making that choice much easier and here are 5 tips to choose the best property in your neighborhood:

1. Decide on whether you want an old house or a new one: this is probably one of the first decisions you should be making when buying a house because it can have significant impact on your final budget. Old house might be inviting and charming, but what if it has numerous issues with old installations, plumbing or even crumbled down walls and old floors. The upkeep cost of an old house might even cost you more than newly built home, even though there are some chances you might need to wait for your new house to be built. A new house at least shouldn’t have any issues with maintenance, but even when choosing a new house you should also keep in mind our next few tips.

2. Pick your priorities: If you have kids, you’ll want a garden and a space for kids to play. If you’re an elderly couple than you might want to find a peaceful corner for you to rest. Before making any purchase, make sure to list your top five priorities your new house should have, be it number of bedrooms or a kitchen size.

3. Be careful during open-house visits: Keep in mind that houses are staged for open house visits and to get a better picture you might want to look into cupboards to see if there is enough storage space, or even look under the rugs to see the state the floors are in. It’s your house you’re going to live next years in, so take your freedom and make sure what you’re buying.

4. Make sure your furniture will fit the new house: If you need to do it, make a sketch of a floor plan of your potential house and see how does your furniture fits in. You don’t have to be an artist to draw a basic plan and take measurements to see if your furniture will fit in your new home. There are not small costs included with the purchase of the new furniture, which is something you don’t want to do unless you’re buying a completely empty, new house.

5. Be sure you’re happy with your choice: After all, the house you’re buying is the house you’re going to live in over next few years, the least thing you can do is to be happy with your purchase. Your new house should have everything to accommodate you, but it also shouldn’t be too over your affordable budget in order to avoid future worries about the money. It’s not so true that once you find the house of your dreams, you’ll know it instantly – it takes careful planning and research to buy a house that would make you truly happy.